Aussies have something big on offer

Drone light shows are a novelty for the Aussies. In other parts of the world such as the US, China, the Middle East, and Europe, drone shows are becoming quite common thanks to the splendor that they promise and the one-of-a-kind experience that they have to offer.

When you observe the audience of a drone light show, you will be amazed at the concentration that they dedicate to the astounding event. This is a huge opportunity for the corporate event managers as such a large crowd of people is engaged in ogling at the aerial logos rotating in 3D, consisting of a fleet of drones which aesthetically transform into a meticulously rehearsed routine relating to the anniversary of a brand or some particular advertisement.

Drone light shows do not have an adverse impact on the environment in contrast to fireworks displays. Fireworks in addition to polluting the environment, cause noise pollution for the inhabitants of the neighborhood. Animals can get scared and can even suffer from stress disorders. Fireworks displays can also become the cause of undesired wildfires such as this one in Adelaide.

For the Aussies, Drone light shows also have the unfathomable potential to tell a story along with formulating a repetitive routine of explosions in the air. Drone light shows are also extremely cost-effective. The fireworks in Sydney in 2019 cost $5.8 million. Several shows on a smaller scale had to be suspended in December 2019 thanks to the communities articulating that money should be reserved for more productive activities.

TIME Magazine believes that we Aussies are inhabitants of the Drone Age and light shows are expected to be a crucial element in the coming days.


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