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The Most Exciting Drone Lights in the Market

The intricate LED technology by Light and Motion encapsulates a lightweight design that opens up new vistas of opportunity to aerial imagery. Powerful output coupled with optimal illumination makes these drone lights suitable for use by both commercials as well as hobbyist pilots.

SECA 2200D

drone lights

A highly powerful lighting solution for small-sized drones, Seca 2200D, allows pilots to equip their DJI Phantom series drones for an ultimate light source that is both aesthetically pleasing and light in weight.

Key Features of Drone Lights

The Seca 2200D comes with an inbuilt GoPro mount that makes them a safer and easy to use option. The LED lights are integrated with optics tailored for drone use while the four CREE LEDs provide a 24-degree beam with an incredible 2200 lumens of output. A new dimension is introduced to aerial imagery by Seca 220D LED lights in the consumer drone world.

  • 2200 Lumen output in conformance to the FL-1 standard
  • 4 CREE LED array with sophisticated software support
  • IP67 rated so that lights are fully submersible up to 1 meter for half an hour
  • Weigh only 266 grams with a battery
  • Offer a run time of 40 minutes on high beam and 160 minutes on low beam
  • Regulated lumen output for continuous shooting

STELLA PRO 5000D- Drone Lights

Engineered for professional drone pilots, Stella Pro 5000D offers a supreme blend of cinema-quality LED lighting with remote-controlled functionality for prolific lighting control. The LED lights are completely waterproof while the imaginative strobe mode renders them a must-have solution for photography and industrial applications where pragmatic, weatherproof design is a necessity.

Key Features

The Stella Pro 5000D is one of the drone lights that can be integrated into high payload drones with remarkable ease; offering unique and powerful lighting while drawing minimal current from the drone’s inbuilt battery. The lights have been forged to backup high-resolution imaging work for cinema and industrial applications and are able to perform in the most demanding of conditions. Enhanced firmware support lets the pilot control them from the drone controller and offers support for the Stella Pro-light modifiers for phenomenal beam patterns.

  • 5000 Lumen output in conformance to the FL-1 standard
  • High-end Chip on Board (COB) LED
  • Zero flickerings up to 600fps
  • IP 68 rated so the lights are completely waterproof and dustproof
  • Easily compatible with light modifiers for 120-degree beam patterns
  • Stable output ensures continuous shooting

STELLA PRO 10000D- Drone Lights

Stella Pro 10000D is a state-of-the-art aerial lighting technology that is touted as one of the most powerful lighting solutions around for drones. The LED lights are engineered for optimum output offering a degree of illumination that would mimic real daylight. Drone imagery and functionality are redefined thanks to this cutting-edge piece of technology.


The Stella Pro 10000D produces an output that is comparable to that generated by studio HMI lights. The lighting solution boasts a compact, pragmatic design that is suitable for high payload drones. The LED drone lights are weatherproof and come loaded with an inbuilt cooling fan that allows the light to maintain full, stable output even when the drone is stationary. The lighting solution offers support for all Stella Pro modifiers and is a complete lighting powerhouse that takes the level of aerial illumination to a whole new pedestal.

  • 10000 Lumen output in conformance to the FL-1 standard
  • High-end Chip on Board (COB) LED
  • Zero flickerings up to 1,000fps
  • Inbuilt fan with variable speed boasting low decibel levels
  • Easily compatible with light modifiers for 120-degree beam patterns
  • Stable output ensures continuous shooting


Aerial imagery is redefined thanks to this amazing lighting solution. Drone aficionados are now employing innovative content that is not only limited to daylight. Pilots are not able to light paint massive landscapes and also isolate key features of a scene. Aerial lighting adds a new dimension to drone aerial imagery.


Now you do not have to wait for the night to go away so that you can indulge yourself in breathtaking adventures. Similarly, drone imagery does not have to be restricted to natural light to make it look awesome. Set your drone free to capture that exclusive moment whether it occurs during a steep climb during a hike or during a cumbersome descent on a bike!


When it comes to aerial surveys and inspections, they serve as a premium and cost-effective solution to reducing issues that may crop up in industrial plants or systems. However, more often than not, inspections typically have to be scheduled taking into account the daylight. This crucial limitation can be overcome thanks to the high-powered illumination that enables aerial inspections 24/7.


Search and rescue missions can barely afford for the sun to rise again so that they can be initiated. Such is the sensitiveness of these missions that they have to be commenced immediately without wasting any precious time. The teams engaged in search and rescue missions are kept safe and drones are allowed to search without any time constraint thanks to high-powered aerial lighting solutions. It also enables those in need of immediate help to comfortably identify a drone in the dark.

Agriculture- Drone Lights

The face of agriculture has seen an incredible shift due to the ever-evolving drone technology which is likely to become the standard gear in the days to come in a bid to enhance efficiency. Drones will be a common feature in most of our commercial endeavors in the future and are yet restricted by weather and other external factors. Lighting ensures that drones remain airborne for as long as required and accomplish key tasks such as crop spraying and surveys in the minimum possible time.


Site productivity is being improved massively due to the emergence of drones in the construction sector which offers tremendous avenues of development. Bid goodbye to expensive surveys and inspections while adhering to strict timelines and remaining between budgetary constraints with drones equipped with high-powered lighting gear.

Live Tourism places for Drone Lights

A novel dimension can be added to real-time events and action sports by aerial imagery but it can be hampered by available light. High-intensity lights attached to drones ensure that all the critical moments of an event do not get missed for want of natural light.


Real estate sales get an incredible boost from the online property listings as you get only a single opportunity to make an impression on your potential customers. Aerial videos captured at night time can serve as a cheap and effective approach to distinguishing real estate listings from the rest of the pack by enabling them to stand out from the crowd.


Commercial entrepreneurs resorting to advanced drone technology thanks to their unique ability to identify areas in a house that would be difficult to detect in normal circumstances. With the help of lights, aerial house inspections can be carried out at any time of the day and can spot problem areas as and when required.

Wedding Videos

Wedding videos and still photographs are all concerned with capturing the perfect moment. Customs bank on professional photographers to capture new and enthralling moments that can be cherished forever. Drones are becoming a crucial part of weddings and the introduction of high-powered lights can push the possibilities of creativity beyond imagination.

Reviews on Drone Lights

Gavin Garrison, the producer of the documentary series “Whale Wars”, says that Stella Pro 5000D lets professional cinematographers and photographers up the ante when it comes to lighting. These lights can be placed as and when required without being hampered by power or rigging constraints.

Creative Director at Red Bull Media House, Nicholas Shrunk, believes that light and motion have given way to yet another imaginative lighting solution in the form of high-intensity aerial lights that have made nighttime shooting a real possibility. These lights enable professionals to come up with cinema-grade output, can be placed virtually anywhere, unleashes new vistas of creativity and lighting scenarios that are yet to be unearthed.

Chris Odom, Aerial Cinematographer/Drone Pilot FireFly Media Group, states that Stella Pro 5000D is a flexible lighting solution that enables photographers to place high-powered lights in the air while allowing them to control their intensity. Moreover, compatibility with light modifiers is another cool feature that any aerial cinematographer will die to get his hands on.

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