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Maiden Indoor Light Show by Intel Mini Drones

These are certainly not the 1,200 drones that morphed into snowboarders and the Olympic rings for the Winter games earlier in the year but the 50 Intel Mini Drones illuminated a multi-story building for a Pride celebration in San Francisco this Friday.

Tina Guo played covers of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way and Katy Perry’s Fireworks on her electric cello in the background while the lightweight and reliable Intel mini drones made from plastic and foam amused a small audience gathered on the first floor of the downtown AT&T store. The historic building from the 1920s was a bank once.

This was marked as the first indoor drone light show for the drones loaded with LED lights that can form more than 4 billion color combinations. Tina Guo hoped that no drone would end up harming anyone present during the performance.

intel drones

Descending from the second-floor balcony, the Intel mini drones moved about to form different shapes and patterns above the spectators’ heads while changing colors. The drones returned back to their cave after about five minutes long performance.

The drones have displayed their performances at Olympics, Super Bowl L1 halftime show with Lady Gaga, and the Coachella Music Festival in Southern California which happened to be all outdoor venues. Let’s add another indoor performance to celebrate the LGBT community to our reserves.

Recently, the Intel drones replaced drone fireworks on 4th July. Make sure to check it out today.

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