drones paint light

Drones Paint Light Halos Over Mountains in these Pictures

All of us have been enthralled by the spectacular landscape photography by the Chicago-based Reuben Wu for the past several years. He connects LED lights to a UAV and then goes on to capture stunning imagery of the natural scenes from the sky. A serenading glow is cast by the lights across rocks and that is exactly why his Lux Noctis series has received brilliant plaudits. Now, the incredible photographer is upping the ante by employing long exposure as drones paint light halos over mountain peaks.

Series of drones paint light

This series was initiated by Wu as an attempt to break the rut of traditional landscape photography and the natural light it used to bank on. He says that with the luxury to employ artificial and maneuverable light sources, he was able to formulate light conditions as if the natural landscape resided in a studio. He says that all these efforts result in a mystifying portrayal that transcends the boundaries of time and scale.

The second episode of Lux Noctis by Wu covers rocky pinnacles encompassed by halos of light. He draws his inspiration from land artists such as Andy Goldsworthy, Robert Smithson, and Richard Long. In this series, Wu makes this landscape his very own and the radiant ring of light serves as an emblem of his work in molding our perception regarding the scenery. Wu decided to not limit himself to still photography and also captured short video clips employing the same approach; forging otherworldly light shows in the sky.

Final Thoughts

As drones paint light, Wu has succeeded in bringing drone photography. This is indicative of the fact that imaginative thinking can assist photographers in overcoming the barriers imposed by conventional landscape photography that we have all got so accustomed to. He adds that it is simply a piece of cake to get comfortable with the traditional portray of a stunning natural landscape. The ace photographer claims that the primary objective of his use of eerie lights is to make people realize that while other planets in the galaxy are fantastic and amazing to us through the eyes of spacecraft and vehicles, our earth is also endowed with tremendous beauty which can be accessed with ease and deserves to be conserved and protected.


Reuben Wu has formulated rings of light around rocky crags employing long exposure drone photography.

As drones paint light, Wu’s forte is night photography which has received great plaudits in his second episode of the Lux Noctis series. He attaches LED lights to drones to accomplish this incredible lighting.

drones paint light
drones paint light
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