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Creating Shows with Swarm Management Software

Drone light shows are not only related to entertainment. They are a formidable manifestation of the incredible things that can be accomplished with a fleet of drones. One of them is Swarm Management Software. SPH Engineering was established five years ago and is headquartered in Latvia. They have come up with an off-the-shelf product for creating drone light shows.

What is a Swarm Management Software? 

With the help of swarm management software called UgCS DDC (Unmanned Ground Control Software Drone Dance Controller), any drone and a professional pilot can set up a swarm show. This swam management software is equipped with the requisite tools to employ drones loaded with LED lights and other required features. It portrays scintillating outdoor light shows with music or live performances in the background.

The company was started by a bunch of drone aficionados and their flagship product covers numerous commercial avenues. Their list of applications is remarkable and encompasses land surveying as well as solar panel or power line inspections. The software was developed primarily for surveys and inspections where multiple drones are required to be maneuvered.

SPH says that the UgCS Drone Dance Controller of the swarm management software lets pilots manage a fleet of drones integrated with lights, fireworks, smoke generators, and other payloads for amazing shows. The dance routines can be set up in 3D animation software. The software is then translated into drone flight trajectories using a plugin and then managed through a single computer. The computer is loaded with UgCS.

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Janis Kuze, Sales Director at Swarm Management Software, says that it is simply an awe-inspiring sight to watch plenty of drones seamlessly moving about on pre-programmed flight paths with music in the background and portraying 3D shapes, brands, logos, or messages. The wide array of payload alternatives further spices things up as smoke generators come in handy for daytime shows while fireworks or LED lights can be used in the nighttime shows. Janis believes that the availability of this software to the drones and entertainment industry could go a long way in amplifying the spectator’s experience at events similar to the opening ceremonies of the National Football League or the Olympic Games and other music festivals.

Up to 100drones can be maneuvered by a single person from a single computer with the help of UgCS DDC. Swarm Management Software has made it a lot easier for entrepreneurs who intend to add drone shows to their portfolios. A press release by the start-up says that the company has come up with a swarm of drones. They are integrated with ArduCopter and RTK GPS units, RGB Light modules, and a WiFi adapter. Besides that, dance routines are programmed in 3D animation software such as Blender. They are translated into flight trajectories compatible with UgCS DDC. A flawless drone swarm integration into outdoor shows is ensured thanks to the inbuilt Art-Net protocol. This allows room for the addition of lasers, beams, and other features.

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